Writing quality content for your website or blog has never been more important. We know that Google and other search engines love fresh, original and in-depth content, but how can we find enough hours in the day to keep churning out high-quality content?

Introducing voice recognition copy writing

For some time now, we’ve been able to speak to our smart phones. Whether it’s to ask for the time, directions, random questions or to make search engine queries, Google and Siri are always on hand, and becoming increasingly better at being our digital colleagues.

Due to this voice recognition technology, it’s even possible to create content with your voice and write a whole article on the move.

Create content using your mobile phone
Create content using your mobile phone

How many times have you been sitting in a queue, in a waiting room, travelling on public transport or kicking back on the couch with time on your hands? Well now you can turn that time into money and create your next content masterpiece.

Further to being able to work on the move, I love voice dictation for writing articles as I spend so much time sitting at my desk. It’s nice to be able to lie on the floor, do some stretching or yoga moves whilst ‘working’ at the same time. The more we can do to get out of that sitting position we are so accustomed to, the more our backs will thank us in the future.

Google docs for mobile

To create content using your voice, you can either use the notes app on your iPhone (if you have one), or download Google docs for your mobile.

When you create a new document, simply tap the microphone icon shown below and start speaking to dictate your article.

Create content with your voice using Google docsCreate content with your voice speaking to Google docs

Useful voice commands to format your content

To help with formatting your copy more easily, speak the words on the left below to action the formatting points on the right.

  • “Period” = add a full stop (.)
  • “Comma” = add a comma (,)
  • “Hyphen” = add a hyphen (-)
  • “Exclamation mark” = add an exclamation mark (!)
  • “New line” = starting a new line
  • “New paragraph” = starting a new paragraph

Additional formatting

Naturally the voice dictation functionality doesn’t always understand exactly what you said and therefore makes mistakes (especially if you have an accent like mine)! When I’m on the move I usually edit the copy and correct the mistakes using the inbuilt keyboard.

WordPress mobile CMS

If you use WordPress as your content management system, you can also download the WordPress mobile app so you can upload and edit your content on the move. The WordPress app also allows you to use voice dictation for writing articles.

Use WordPress mobile app to create content with your voice

I personally prefer to use the notes app on my mobile to write articles (as I did with this one). Then just copy and paste the copy into the WordPress app. You can do some basic formatting on the app, but it’s best to switch to the desktop version to do the final clean up before you hit publish.

Now you have the tools to create content with your voice, you’ll be able to get more done, be more productive and reap the benefits.

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