I was recently lucky enough to be given a Roost Laptop Stand to test for this review.

When the package arrived, I was confused. I wasn’t expecting anything other than the stand and a few bills to arrive on my doorstep, so I couldn’t understand why the box was so light!

When I opened it up, I was instantly chuffed. The stand packs up so small and is so light that you can carry it in your bag everywhere you go.

The quality of the design and attention to detail is excellent. So clever in its simplicity. The stand has a real sturdy feel, despite its lean build.

Just small details like the rubber and claws to grip on to your laptop make this feel and work like a high quality product.

I’ve had a herniated disc in my spine for the past 18 months or so. Sitting down or standing up for too long is painful. So Roost has been a great way to ease the pressure on my nerve.

It’s not really intended to be used this way, but I found if I lie on my back on a yoga mat, with a pillow for my head and the laptop stand on my stomach, the 4 legs are stable enough to hold my Mac in a comfortable position to work in.

Other than that, when I can get back to a vertical position for more than 20 minutes, I’ll be using the stand on my desk to bring my laptop up to eye level and avoid any further back or neck problems.

For anyone like me who spends too much time in front of their computer screen, this is a great product.

Good to know

  • Fits almost all laptops.
    • Compatibility: Laptops with “front edge” less than 0.75″ (1.9cm) thick.
  • Extremely light and compact.
  • Set up and pack up in seconds.
  • Adjustable height for any situation.
  • Weight: 5.8 oz (164 g)  Size (folded): 1″ x 1.5″ x 13″.
  • Includes: Ripstop Nylon Carrying Sleeve.
  • Currently $74.95 with a 90 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.
  • Purchase here: Buy Roost Laptop Stand online.

How to use Roost Laptop Stand