What is Hero Content?

Hero content is much more than churning out a 400-word blog or a bog standard web page. It’s about analysing what your business needs and finding out which competitors are doing it better than you.

Then we will research and create a piece of content which not only looks better than any other competitor’s version, but is more in-depth, more enticing, more noteworthy and more shareable than any other piece of relevant content found on the web.

It’s not just about word count and writing for the sake of it. It’s about topic relevance and demonstrating expertise and authority in your industry.

As a result, the hero content will rank better in search engines, get more shares, generate more buzz and convert more enquires and sales.

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    Goal Setting

    First, we'll talk to you about your goals and what you want to achieve. Then spice up your desires with some new ideas and get the ball rolling.

    Competition Check

    We'll find out what kind of relevant content is ranking at the top of the search engines. Then we can understand where the bar is set and how to beat it.

    Topic Research

    Keywords are old school. We still use them, but the focus is now on topic research and using semantic keywords to optimise hero content.

    Content Creation

    This is where the creative juices really start flowing. We'll create copy your audience will want to keep reading, sharing and talking about.

    Enhanced Content

    Add multimedia to the recipe and we're a few steps from hero status. Think videos, incredible images, charts, maps and other rich media.

    Optimise Content

    We'll optimise images, headings, copy, the URL, metadata, internal links, sitemaps, page speed and accessibility so your content is primed for search.


    Once we hit publish, we'll submit your content to the Google index and start promoting it to the world. They're going to love it.


    Content marketing isn't over when we hit publish. We'll use social media and paid amplification to get more eyes and interaction on the content.

    Campaign Analysis

    If content was published but no one interacted, did it make a noise? We'll crunch the data and see what kind of impact the content had, then report on it.

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