Paid Advertising Wizards

We’re Google certified paid advertising specialists. What does that mean, you say?

Well, it basically means we know Google AdWords like the back of the toilet door. Not only that but we can also create paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Paid advertising is a brilliant way to drive potential customers to your website instantly. Whilst SEO takes time to ramp up, we can use AdWords to generate search traffic as soon as we hit ‘enable’ and use remarketing banners to bring customers back to finish the job.

We will assess your technical set up and make sure you have all the right tracking in place before you start burning the cash. As part of the process, we can implement Google Tag Manager which is the best way to manage all of your paid advertising pixels (snippets of code which track activity). That way we can better report on performance and adapt our strategy according to the data.

We can also provide paid advertising training services which include customised video tutorials specifically tuned to your needs.

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    Technical Set up

    Before we get going, we'll assess your tech set up and make sure everything is in place from tracking pixels to linking AdWords with Analytics to make sure we can track performance.

    Paid Strategy

    Based on what your goals are, we'll devise a strategy and a road map. Once that's done we can start putting together the pieces in order to drive more traffic and conversions.

    Testing the Flow

    There's no point in spending money on paid ads if your website doesn't convert for toffee. We'll test your goal flow and help fine tune your website into a slick sales machine.

    Keyword Research

    For AdWords, we'll need to find the best keywords to optimise your campaigns with depending on relevance, volume, search intent, competition levels, seasonal trends and cost.

    Eye on Competition

    After researching who your paid ad competitors are, we'll find out what they're doing well, and what they're not doing well to help you capitalise and win a larger market share of clicks.

    Campaign Creation

    Next, we will create various campaigns, ad groups and ads designed to achieve your goals. This includes copy writing for search and visual design for banners, images and videos for display.

    Landing Page Experience

    For search campaigns, it's vital that your landing pages flow well with your keywords and ad copy. This gives a better quality score and helps performance. Leave it to us.


    Once a potential customer has visited your website, we can then remarket to them (show them relevant ads) on tons of websites on the Google Display network, or on Facebook or Twitter.

    Campaign Analysis

    We'll analyse all the data from paid advertising, tell you what works, what doesn't and adapt the strategy according to the emerging trends. Performance will get better and better.

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