We Are Social Butterflies

Okay so we don’t have the pretty wings, but we can help you fly.

Social Media Marketing is about reaching more people, inspiring your audience, telling compelling stories and staying top of mind. All with the end goal of raising more awareness, building trust and generating more interest in your projects.

We see this as a vital part of your digital marketing mix. Social media helps you amplify your content and reach people at different consideration stages.

We see Social Media Marketing as much more than your standard posting on Facebook once a day, yawn! We’ll grow your community, engage with them, listen to what people are saying about you on social and join relevant conversations.

We’ll use every feature you can think of and try and test each one until the cows come home. When we strike gold on the winning formula, it’s up up and away.

Many people say organic reach on social media is dead. We say organic reach is dead if you’re not doing it right. There is still a land of hope and glory, even without paid amplification.

We’ll show you how to turn that frown around and get your audience smiling again.

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    Social Strategy

    We won't spend hours dreaming up pedantic ideologies with no action. We will create a concise strategy to help us stay aligned and move fast, like a Cheetah.

    Eye on Competition

    Who's doing what? We don't want to copy them, but we do want to know what they are doing and how well they are doing it. We'll find out and monitor progress.

    Content Plan

    We'll create a jazzy content plan and schedule everything one to two month's in advance. We'll also publish last minute and ad hoc posts as and when they come up.

    Content Curation

    Obviously we'll be getting more eyeballs on your own content, but we'll also curate lots of exciting content from other sources which your audience will love.

    Repurposing Content

    Social media is not a one size fits all thing. We'll take your best performing content and make it go further by adapting the format to work best on our channels of choice.

    Talk Qwerty to me

    'Social community management' is an overused term. We don't do that. We speak human to your audience, help them to know you better and love what you do.

    More Humans

    We don't like to talk about people as numbers. Expect more humans. More social media followers, more website visitors and more happy customers. We're not talking vanity numbers.


    Social media advertising is incredibly powerful and should be in your mix. We'll use refined targeting to reach more of the right people at the right time in the right place.

    Campaign Analysis

    Like everything we do, we will analyse the hell out of it to see what worked and what didn't. There is no such thing as losing. You either win or you learn.

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