Looking for the best password manager on the web?

I’ve tried various different password management tools. Last Pass and Key Pass X were okay, but I felt there was something missing. Like they weren’t quite giving me exactly what I needed.

Then, I stumbled across Dashlane which has changed the way I login, fill in forms and make payments online, forever.

Best Password Manager - Dashlane

I guarantee this tool will save you many hours every month (and Dashlane is not paying me to say that)

What is Dashlane?

Dashlane Design

Good design is not always a given with web applications. Dashlane is genuinely a very well designed product with great user experience and well thought out structure. It’s hard to find any fault with the design and functionality. Try both the desktop and mobile apps for best usage. Download Dashlane here.

What I love about Dashlane

It’s so easy to use! Just go about your daily internet surfing and Dashlane will save all your login credentials every time you sign into one of your accounts whether it be email, social, web tools or entertainment websites. Whatever you need a user name and password for, Dashlane will remember the details and automatically log you in as soon as you visit the sign in pages of particular websites.

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Generate secure passwords

You can use Dashlane to create and store secure, one-of-a-kind passwords. To do this, simply click in the new password field of a site when you register or when you are changing your password. You will see a button appear to generate a password. More on how to do that below.

Shopping online using Dashlane

Dashlane is scarily good at helping you shop online. Whenever you need to enter credit card information, you simply hit the Dashlane icon in each field of a payment form and the software will input your payment details instantly.

Dashlane can store multiple credit cards and multiple bank details. Buying online has never been so easy. For online payments you need to enter your master password for Dashlane before the app allows access to your data.

Secure notes

This feature allows you to save and store your most important numbers and notes. It’s great to have everything like this all in one place. I personally use my secure notes for things like Wi-Fi security codes and bank login numbers. You can sort by category, and colour code each section to keep things super organised.

Dashlane is life-changingly great. And free. Get it. – David Pogue, The New York Times

Data entry on the best password manager

Dashlane saves so much time. As well as your passwords and bank details, Dashlane fills in information like your name, address, phone number and email address.

It can handle multiple versions of these things too, so you can store your home and work details. Complete online forms in a matter of seconds and always have your details to hand on the desktop and mobile apps.

Dashlane Mobile app

Dashlane also has a mobile app which means you can keep all your password, notes and bank details with you at all times.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to autofill forms or login credentials on mobile websites with Dashlane. Instead you need to go to the app, get access with finger print recognition if you have an iPhone 5 or newer, then copy and paste the information you need from the mobile app to the mobile website. Download the mobile app here.

Sharing is caring

There is a great feature which allows you to share certain passwords with your friends and family, or even your colleagues.

You can also use the Emergency Contacts function to give access to a loved one if they ever needed to use your passwords for any reason.

You can set this to allow access instantly for your selected Emergency contacts, or you can set a 24 hour delay, or longer if you wish to have an approval process before giving access to others.

How much does it cost?

Dashlane, the world’s best password manager, is free for the basic package. However that doesn’t allow syncing between your desktop app and the mobile app.

I fully recommend going for the paid version which costs $39.99 per year and is worth every penny. Dashlane is without doubt the best password manager I’ve ever used and potentially my favourite web tool of the moment/all time.

Best Password Manger - Dashlane Pricing


If you’re concerned about security of your passwords and private information, see the Q&A from Dashlane on Security here: Our Security Tenets